The Start of our Breeding Stud  
From our childhood we were already ‘horse lovers’.
Then we switched over to ponies, jumpers and stallions such as Magister and Lysco (NRPS).
We started our horse-breeding stall about 11 years ago. Then we transferred an old cattle house into a horse-breeding stable.
Now about 10 mares a year give birth to a foal.

These foals are mostly sold to ‘stallion breeders’ at public sales or to people who visit our stall.
We then preferred ‘Holsteiners’ especially after having raced ‘Magister’ a horse with character that won no less than forty 1.30 courses despite his limited capacities.

So to Holstein we went to buy their young breeding stuff. We especially focussed on the C-line (still young in those days) in which we had much confidence as future jumpers (Carthago and Cassini).
M. van der Bruggen with Marthago
© Foto : Jan Stads
  The first foals we purchased were Carthago , Cassini and Capitol. Now 11 years later Carthago and Cassini are at the positions 1 and 2 of Holsteins breeding list.
That is the way our horse-breeding stall was established.